Karen Belz
Updated Sep 12, 2017 @ 3:48 pm

While it seems glamorous, the life of a young star can often be a little turbulent. In a recent interview with The Business of Fashion, Selena Gomez admitted she doesn’t have many friends and often feels a little violated by those who try to pry into her social life. Since we kind of imagined her being a social butterfly, it’s definitely strange to hear that she has, in her eyes, only a couple people she feels like she can count on when times get tough.

In fact, she’s become pretty selective with who she chooses to trust these days. And we get it — when you’re a mega star like Gomez, it must be difficult to weed out the people who are only friendly for their own personal gain.

In the interview, Gomez noted that she actually had a lot more confidence when she was younger. Probably because, back then, she didn’t realize that a lot of people behind the scenes didn’t necessarily have her best interests at heart.

We love Gomez’s honest words about the industry, and her healthy attitude about setting boundaries. We’re pretty happy to hear that even though she’s thought about calling it quits, she still has the fire in her to perform.