Bronwyn Isaac
November 25, 2016 9:15 am
Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

For many people, Thanksgiving (and the holidays in general) can be a difficult time emotionally. Complicated family issues often come to the surface and there’s a lot of pressure surrounding the holiday. So it was particularly refreshing to read Selena Gomez’s Thanksgiving Instagram post, which managed to be vulnerable and upbeat in the most human and relatable way.

The photo of Selena and her fans was her very first Instagram post since her summer-long hiatus for rehab, and she reflected on her year of recovery from anxiety-induced panic attacks and depression related to her lupus. On Sunday, she made her first appearance back in the spotlight for the American Music Awards and both fans and audience members were touched by Selena’s heartwarming acceptance speech.

Echoing the sentiments of her AMA speech, Selena expressed gratitude and hope for the future in her first post back on Instagram:

We have nothing but love and gratitude for her openness.

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Hopefully, this year will provide even more kindness and growth than the last.