Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have had a tumultuous relationship. They were BFFs, then they weren’t, then they were cool with each other, and now they’ve refollowed each other on Instagram and are totally gushing about each other online. Be still our hearts!

Yesterday, Lovato released her latest documentary Simply Complicated and one of the people who watched it, and loved it, was her old pal Gomez.

We don’t know what came between these two friends, but over the years they’ve unfollowed each other on social media and drifted apart.

Gomez left this lovely comment on Lovato’s Instagram earlier today, but not before hitting that follow button.

In Lovato’s new documentary, the singer admits that she was high on cocaine for most of the filming of her 2012 documentary Stay Strong, and says this new doc is her attempt to “apologize to my fans.”

Once Lovato saw Gomez’s comment about her new film, Lovato returned the favor AND she gifted Gomez with a follow back.

“Thank you so much, this means the world to me and more. Love you too,” Lovato replied.

These two girls met while filming Barney and stayed best friends as their careers took them both to the Disney Channel.

Somewhere along the way they drifted, as longterm adult friendships sometimes do, but looks like these two are back, or at least venturing back into each other’s lives.