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Even though Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (technically) debuted last year, we’re still open to all the Gilmore gossip we can get. In an interview with Elle Magazine, Scott Patterson — who plays Luke — revealed his favorite scene to shoot during the run of the show. And oddly enough, it’s one of our favorites as well.

Just yesterday, Elle posted a video to their Twitter account which featured Patterson serving coffee — an activity he’s probably become quite a natural at, between filming and those promotional coffee shop visits.

Patterson grabbed his famous blue hat to work at Mel’s Diner on Sunset Strip during the interview. Some of his answers might be a little surprising, but all in all, the more we know about Patterson, the more we adore him.

Of course, his favorite scene ever was the one where Luke flawlessly pushed Jess — played by Milo Ventimiglia — into the lake. It was such a perfect shove, and at that point in the series, we totally understood where it was coming from.

Ah, yes. Even those of us who are #TeamJess can watch that again and again.

Patterson also noted that his favorite zen activity included music (or, “writing songs, playing songs, singing songs”) and hanging out with his band, SMITHRADIO.

By the way, Patterson has a band. Here’s their debut single.

Best of all, Patterson once again proved that he’s very much pro-Luke and Lorelai, noting “you bet your sweet bippy” when asked if they should be together.

Fingers crossed for a second season of the revival, since we really need to see these two grow old together!