Alyssa Thorne
November 18, 2016 1:47 pm
Bruce Glikas/ Getty Images

We’ve done it. We’ve excavated the internet like digital archaeologists and uncovered the weirdest fossil of all time, and we need answers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you’re a sentient being in the year 2016 you’re aware of Lin Manuel Miranda, the brilliant and adorable writer and talented musician behind Hamilton. Also if you’re a sentient being in the year 2016, you’re aware of Sarah Paulson, everybody’s favorite part of American Horror Story. Also also if you’re a sentient being in the year 2016, you’re aware of Sara Ramirez, aka Callie on Grey’s Anatomy.

Apparently, several years ago these three stars collided at the 2008 In the Heights after party, and the result was one of the best, weirdest, and most confusing pictures we’ve ever seen.

Bruce Glikas/ Getty Images

We have a MIGHTY NEED to know what on earth Sarah Paulson is yelling at Lin about.

He looks so concerned, like he’s looking to Sara Ramirez for guidance as to how to handle Sarah Paulson’s rage. We’re wondering if maybe Sarah and Lin were super tight BFFs, like they had matching friendship bracelets and a secret handshake and everything, but then…

Bruce Glikas/ Getty Images

…Sara without the H really hit it off with Lin, and Sarah with the H was making sure she hadn’t lost her BFF. Sound farfetched? Well, whatever went down at this after party was clearly left of center, because there are also incredible photos like this:

Bruce Glikas/ Getty Images

Please note Sarah Paulson lunging to intervene, and Lin’s tennis shoes. Both are of equal importance.

Back to the point — we need to know what’s happening here. SOMEBODY SHED SOME LIGHT, PLEASE.