Meaghan Kirby
August 02, 2017 10:45 am

Imagine going out and buying your first computer because a Hollywood legend wanted to send you an email. Sounds like a dream, right? Well according to American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson, it’s 100% what happened to her.

In a recent interview with Billie Lourd for Town & Country magazine, Paulson and Lourd reminisced about their long friendship and the dearly departed Carrie Fisher. Paulson revealed that back in 2002, she actually bought her first computer and got an email account because Fisher wanted to invite the actress to a, no joke, “Gore Vidal makeout party.” Sure!  And really, who is going to say no to a question like that?

Honestly though, Paulson’s story about meeting Fisher and subsequently buying a computer might be *the* most Hollywood story we’ve ever heard, and we love it.

The American Crime Story actress went on to describe how she and Fisher began emailing, marking the start of their 15 year friendship, detailing how she did end up attending this *very* curious Gore Vidal Makeout Party — and seriously, we need to know more about this — and subsequently became close with Fisher and Lourd, who was ten at the time.

This story is both so amazing and everything we’ve come to expect from those close to Fisher. The entire Town & Country conversation shares so many amazing stories about the legendary Star Wars actress and her amazing impact on those around her.