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Sarah Michelle Gellar has joined in on the “Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters” social media trend and you’ll never guess who she picked. In fact, Gellar’s three characters mean more than any other ones we’ve seen so far and you’ll love them.

The #threefictionalcharacters is taking over Instagram at the moment, and some of your favorite celebrities have even jumped on the bandwagon. The best celeb photo collage however, goes to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress because it’s original and sweet. On Friday, Gellar posted three different characters that her longtime friend, Shannen Doherty played over the years as her character choices.

Doherty has been openly battling cancer and showing her journey on social media, after initially being diagnosed with breast cancer back in February 2015. Through the ups and downs, Gellar has been there in any way possible, including heartfelt #wcw posts on Instagram and throwback photos with the former Charmed actress.

Gellar’s three fictional characters post was much more lighthearted than her previous tributes to Doherty, but equally as sentimental and touching. In fact, Doherty loved the shout out so much that she posted a #FlashbackFriday post of her own about Gellar.

These two BFFs are just the cutest!