Kenya Foy
August 23, 2017 6:28 am

Earlier this week, the moon made its way between the sun and the Earth and captivated the entire world for a few precious moments, leaving those who witnessed it in awe and utter appreciation of the cosmos. However, Sarah Jessica Parker had the most intense eclipse reaction probably of anyone on the planet. Seriously, it was just that dramatic — the only thing missing from her adorable space-inspired soliloquy were tears (like this overwhelmed Chicago weatherman who cried during the solar eclipse).

As E! Online reports, SJP shared an Instagram video in which she stared up at the solar eclipse with her husband, Matthew Broderick. The pair watched from a boat in South Carolina, one of the many locations in the path of totality.

As the eclipse temporarily darkened the sky, Parker was so impressed by the celestial event that she simply couldn’t come up with enough words to describe it.

Another video shows Parker looking up through protective glasses while describing the solar eclipse as “one of the most thrilling moments of my life,” aside from marriage and having her children.

She even captioned the video with what reads like an original eclipse poem.

Her excitement is absolutely infectious. We’d love an invite to your next eclipse watch party, SJP!