Credit: Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Now that Halloween is over, we can focus on the next big holiday: Christmas. No, just kidding. Even though you’re probably tempted to shop, Thanksgiving is chronologically next, and just as important. To get ready for the big event, Bon Appetitdecided to interview Sarah Jessica Parker about the Thanksgiving turkey anxiety she faced after cooking her first big meal at home.

The good news is, there’s multiple cooks in the Parker/Broderick household. As it turns out, husband Matthew Broderick often takes over many of the tasks. So really, what Parker is trying to say, is that good marriage and good dinners have one thing in common — teamwork.

Nightmares about the big day? Say it ain’t so! But, we totally get where she’s coming from — Thanksgiving can be pretty anxiety-inducing, especially if you have way more guests than stove top burners.

While Parker can definitely handle the main course, these days she normally sticks to sides. (But for many of us, sides are the very best part of Thanksgiving, so they deserve a ton of respect.)

(Can we be invited to her house this year?)

So, what’s Parker’s absolute favorite dish of the night? The delicious answer to that is pumpkin pie.

And, just like that, Parker took us away from candy corn and Snickers bars, and made us dream of the good food we’ll be eating later on this month. And thankfully, they’re definitely dreams — not nightmares. (The turkey is fully in tact in our minds.)