Sarah Hyland
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Friends, the day has finally come to VOTE. And your favorite feminists are seriously urging you to vote. In this super important PSA, fave Sarah Hyland explains why you should vote, and we’re hearing her out (not that we need convincing to vote, because duh). Why should you vote this election? Because this one is way, way too important to sit it out, and Hyland is here to explain what makes this one so major. The last thing she wants is for us to waste an opportunity to shift our future in the right direction.

In this extremely to-the-point election day video, Sarah Hyland pushes us to vote, and we’re nodding.

See for yourself!

She captioned the video,

With hundreds of thousands of views, we’re clearly not the only ones who were moved.

The video is a continuation of a series of election videos she’s done this election season.

In this Instagram post, she explains,

She posted this lengthier one a few weeks ago, and it’s seriously amazing.

In this video, she explained,

We’re loving her commitment to getting people to vote, and how straight up she’s being about her intentions. She’s using her platform in an incredible way, and we’re cheering her on!