Karen Fratti
November 08, 2017 11:08 am

Unfortunately, when it comes to their appearances, women still face unfair and near-constant scrutiny in our culture. And Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has had enough. After clapping back at an online mag that picked apart her evolving aesthetic over the years, Hyland is now defending Taylor Swift against plastic surgery rumors.

For context, Hyland defended herself on Twitter earlier this year when rumors spread that she was battling anorexia. And most recently, she took Life & Style to task for publishing a “beauty evolution” piece about her that hinted she might have had plastic surgery.

The article included a “doctor’s” opinion about Hyland’s appearance, to which she tweeted, “THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. to have Drs give their opinion ON MY FACE is absolutely ridiculous and degrading. F*ck off.”

The site then updated the piece by omitting the quotes from doctors, to which Hyland  replied,  “Hey @Life_and_Style why don’t you just delete the article about how different I look over the past 10 yrs instead of deleting ‘drs’ comments.”

Now, she’s standing up for others, too. After that initial piece, Life & Style posted another demeaning story speculating about potential plastic surgery, this time in regards to Taylor Swift. The post was accompanied with the caption: “Did she or didn’t she?”

And Hyland was not having it.


Because here’s the thing: There’s nothing wrong with a person getting plastic surgery if they want it. And there’s also nothing wrong with your appearance changing naturally over time. What is wrong is how obsessed our culture is with how women look, and articles like the ones about Sarah Hyland and Taylor Swift only serve to reinforce that norm.

We’re proud of Hyland for speaking up and taking this kind of discourse to task.