We’ll never believe that Salma Hayek is actually 50 years old. But on last night’s The Graham Norton Show, Salma Hayek revealed she rung in her 50th year with something special: a prank.

While filming her upcoming movie Beatriz at Dinner, she spent her birthday on set. To celebrate, director Miguel Arteta proposed they bring in a mariachi band. But one of the producers was concerned that might come off as politically incorrect, because Hayek is Mexican.

When Hayek opened her door and saw the mariachi band, she said she was really moved. But then she decided to play a small prank on the concerned producer.

Here’s what Salma said:

This isn’t the first time Hayek has been mischievous. Back in 2016, she told a story about how she wanted another pet, but her husband had said no. Of course, then she found a sweet puppy who needed help. So instead of telling him about the dog, she decided to pretend she was having an affair, and then the dog would seem minor by comparison. This is…an interesting approach.

So she called up her husband.

Well, maybe that prank didn’t go over so well. But we admire your various attempts at cunning, Salma Hayek!