Karen Belz
December 13, 2016 10:30 am
childrensnationalmed / www.youtube.com

Ready to have your heart warmed? Good. Just the other day, Ryan Seacrest and Michelle Obama read Christmas stories to children in the hospital this year, which in our eyes, is the definition of Christmas. Seriously, this should inspire you to shelf your wishlists for a day or two, and do something amazing for someone in need.

The two appeared together at the Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C. And, since dogs often make everything better (and brighten spirits!) presidential pooches Bo and Sunny were also invited to attend.

Obama and Seacrest sat in front of a gorgeous tree, and read stories like ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Of course, Santa also joined the crew. He’s always down for a good Christmas story or two.

After watching, there’s no doubt about it that Seacrest was definitely born to entertain!

Afterward, they answered a few questions. Fans of the two/Christmas spirit were able to watch it all unfold live on Facebook.

One of the big questions of the day was asking Michelle what she got her husband (Barack Obama — you’ve probably heard of him) for Christmas. Since she wanted to avoid spoiling the secret, here’s what she said:

(We’re super curious as to what it might be. What do you buy the President of the United States?!)

We have a sinking suspicion that Michelle Obama probably read stories to sick kids before she was named First Lady.

And, we have a feeling that she’ll most likely try to arrange something similar next year as well, whether or not it’s publicized. She just seems like a sweet and generous person who’d make it an annual priority.

Regardless, this story definitely put us in the Christmas spirit!