Karen Belz
Updated January 03, 2018

Hey, we all go through stages when trying to determine our look. While we love the ’90s, we could have gone without some of the styling options the decade brought on. Case in point, the ’90s throwback photo of Ryan Reynolds that just made its way onto Instagram. And as Ryan Reynolds — king of Instagram jokes — posted it himself, he was obviously looking for a bit of razzing from his fanbase.

One of the reasons why the picture made such a splash? Because it looks almost nothing like Reynolds today. Based on the pose, we’re guessing it may have served as one of his earlier headshots. While he wasn’t a household name at that point, Reynolds got his start in the ’90s, appearing in Fifteen, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV movie, and The Odyssey. Yet while he was technically in front of us during that time, we still barely recognize him looking so young and blonde.

In fact, a lot of his fans compared him to Zack Morris — which is pretty on-the-nose, since it looks like Reynolds could have very easily been touring the halls of Bayside High and serving as friend (or foe, based on the episode plotline) of Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

See for yourself.

We didn’t even realize this was him until we read the caption.

While many of his fans dished out compliments (since, let’s be real, he totally resembles every ’90s guy crush we had) others weren’t afraid to let loose with their real thoughts.

Agreed — Reynolds could have been one of Tim Allen’s sons in this photo.

That’s a mash-up we’d love to see.

It seems like people couldn’t get over the fact that Reynolds could have easily been a boy band member if he wanted.

Or perhaps another brother joining the ’90s band that made waves for their hair (and talent, of course).

No matter what, this headshot obviously got him places. While we’re glad he made some upgrades in 2000 and beyond, it’s good to know that he’s got a good sense of humor about his ever-evolving sense of style.