Toria Sheffield
April 11, 2017 6:52 am

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re low-key obsessed with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Because we loved them separately — so together is basically a fantasy dream team come true. And we’re now officially obsessed to learn that Blake Lively gave birth to “Let’s Get It On” — upon her husband’s insistence.

As in, Marvin Gaye’s sensual bedroom classic.

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The news came about when Blake Lively was on “Fact or Fiction” for Michael Kors Glamour Games series. The pair peppered each other with “I statements,” and the other had to decide if it was real or completely made up.

We also learned that Blake didn’t have her first kiss until she was 16 (and it was onscreen), that her natural hair color is NOT red (though her sister’s is), and that Michael Kors aunt wore a bikini top to his Bar Mitzvah (it was the ’70s).

We’re honestly not too surprised that Reynolds would insist on this sexy classic during this particularly unsexy moment. The Deadpool star has pretty much proven to be a king of comedy — both onscreen and in many an interview (remember when he and BFF Jake Gyllenhaal were doing press for their movie Life? Someone give those two a reality show STAT!).

Excuse us while we laugh for the next ten minutes or so. And then try to figure out how to become best friends with Blake and Ryan. Because our obsession has officially gone into high gear.