Olivia Harvey
Updated Sep 12, 2017 @ 11:51 am

It might be hard to picture a mega-celebrity like Ryan Gosling having any regrets. But in a recent interview with The Red Bullet, Gosling admitted that he regrets ditching ballet as a kid.

His ballet training, although cut short, possibly helped him win his song and dance role in La La Land, a part for which he won a Golden Globe. Well, his ballet training and hip hop dance training. Cause, like, remember THIS:

And those purple and silver the costumes? Yeah, they were Gosling’s idea.

Listen, Ryan, we get it. There’s not a soul among us who doesn’t wish we had stuck with those piano/violin/French/etc. classes our parents made us take as kids. Because now we’d be a total pro at something super cool. But at the time, the sweet, sweet call of cartoons, video games, and playing outside was too strong for us to resist.

According to UsMagazine.com, the actor told Jimmy Kimmel back in 2011 that he still occasionally takes a ballet class, but he’s so terrible and inflexible, the teachers have to bring out a special barre for him to use.

Ryan, if you keep up the practice, we have no doubt you can get back to your old silver drop-crotch pant dancing days — which we think is something we’d all like to see again.