We’ve been there before. While it still looked incredibly cool, Ruby Rose admitted that a past haircut emerged from an accident. And it all started because she happened to switch up hairstylists.

Rose, who has been known to rock a short ‘do for some time, decided to get an undercut. For those unfamiliar, an undercut is where a stylist cuts the hair around the temple areas very short. Some people get designs cut in, while others just use the cut as a way to stay cool in the summer. Typically known for being a style men get, women have been requesting the cut pretty often these days. Know why? Because women like Ruby Rose prove that it can be incredibly flattering.

According to Rose, she left the salon with a “crooked line.” While not a stylist herself, she figured it was something she could fix on her own.

And that’s how she got the pretty amazing triangle effect.

It just goes to show that sometimes the most stylish-looking cuts happened based on trial and error.

Well, like all hair, it did grow back. Eventually. Here’s the look she’s currently sporting for her Urban Decay campaign.

Rose proves that with the right amount of confidence, anything can look good. But we totally appreciate the fact that she can at least look back and laugh at the mistake!