Roxane Gay, our favorite author, feminist warrior, and woke genius is teaming up with Channing Tatum, our favorite actor, dancer, and swoon-worthy adult male for some secret project.

We know very little about this magical union, other than that these two heroes are collaborating on SOMETHING.

It all started on October 11then when Gay posted this selfie with Tatum. At first, we didn’t think much of it. Captioned simply “Hi,” we assumed that Gay and Tatum met at some event and took a photo. false

After a few days of mystery, Tatum cut the shit and gave us some good intel.

Cooking up something with this dangerously beautiful and brilliant woman. It’s an honor to learn and create with you. The world needs it,” Tatum wrote on Twitter.

To which Gay replied, “I am so excited for our collaboration Channing!


Gay gave a teensy bit more clarification about the collab and wrote, “I can’t talk about the why. But you guys are going to love it. And that’s that. (Also he is exactly as warm and kind and sexy as he seems).” false

Wow-ing forever.

Naturally, Gay’s fans were scrambling for answers.

But also very excited about the possibility.

The best part of this whole thing is that Gay has been a Tatum fan for years. false false

Back in 2015, Gay’s name came up during an interview with Tatum, and he said he would love to talk to the Bad Feminist author about his movie Magic Mike. Word got back to Gay, and she was elated that Tatum even knew who she was. false

We are rooting for this union and this collab!