Johnni Macke
Updated March 23, 2017

Fun fact: Ross Marquand is a serious celebrity impersonator. Marquand is back with more impressions, and he’s mind-blowingly good at them.

You might know the actor for his portrayal of Aaron on The Walking Dead, but he can pretty much be anyone. Okay, maybe not anyone, but Marquand can channel a LOT of other stars.

Sure, we love watching him kick butt on the AMC series, and fight zombies, but doing impressions is equally as awesome.

In an interview with Esquire, the Colorado native showed off his impression skills and we can’t stop watching. The magazine had Marquand do a “Casting Remix” challenge, and it’s epic.

Instead of just speaking like other celebrities, the 35-year-old actor imitates actors saying iconic movie lines from movies they aren’t in. Pretty tricky, right?

Now for some examples of what we’re talking about. At one point in the video, Marquand does a James Gandolfini voice for lines from The Godfather. He even has the facial expressions down…it’s uncanny.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch Jack Nicholson in Taken? Well, you can, thanks to Marquand.

While some of his impressions are super weird, they are SO good. Plus, what’s not to love about celebrity impressions? Our favorite is his impression of Ewan McGregor reading Forrest Gump. It’s like Tom Hanks but with a sexier accent!

After watching this whole video, we’ve decided Marquand needs to do stand up way more often. He has so many skills!

Maybe the creators of The Walking Dead can throw in a Liam Neeson quote or two for the actor. Ugh, we know that would be bizarre, but it would be fun.

Which impression is your favorite?