They’re a couple of epic proportions, mostly because they’re playing Jesus and Mary Magdalene in a forthcoming movie. While rumors of Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara’s relationship have been spreading like wildfire (leaving burning bushes in their trails), the pair were recently sighted at the Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony and seem to be as close as ever.

The artistic and edgy pair, that somehow makes total sense, sat together during the awards ceremony, where Phoenix won the award for Best Actor for his role in You Were Never Really There. According to People, a surprised Phoenix turned to his (reported) girlfriend, Mara, who encouraged him to get on stage after winning.

Credit: VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images

His face is priceless, and Twitter took note:

After his moment of disbelief, Phoenix and Mara shared a sweet embrace before he went up to accept the award.

Credit: ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images

Aww, so sweet! He also gazed longingly into his lover’s eyes in the sweetest way.

Phoenix wasn’t the only one looking sweetly at his partner during the night. Photographers caught this cute picture of Mara stealing a longing glance:

The paps also took note of the couple as they left the event, and we must say, they make a STUNNING pair, even when Phoenix is wearing sneakers to a formal event (did we mention they’re artistic and edgy?).

They both have an Old Hollywood glamorous look about them, and it helps that Mara seemed to be paying homage to Audrey Hepburn’s style at the event.

Yes, they make a knock-out couple with amazing cheekbones.

We look forward to seeing their romance unfold, and watching them co-star in the movie that likely started it all — while learning about Mary Magdalene, of course. #StayEducated