Credit: Jeremy Chan/WireImage/Getty Images

VHS may be dated now, but Riz Ahmed remembers it very well. That’s because the British actor made a major mistake with one of his parents’ tapes: their wedding video. While guest starring on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, he explained how his love of Eminem almost ruined the special keepsake.

In the interview, the Venom star—who’s a huge Eminem fan—reflected on the first time he heard the rapper’s music. He was watching television when the music video for “My Name Is” came on, and according to him, the sound instantly awed him. “I immediately reached for the cabinet and took the first VHS tape I could find and just put it in and recorded that video,” he explained. “For a week, I just watched it again and again and again.”

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. “It was only later that I realized I taped over my parent’s wedding,” he admitted, to the shock of the host and the audience. In his opinion, it wasn’t so bad, though. “Only three minutes, man! We’ve got the rest of it,” he pointed out. Understandably, Cordon had to ask how Ahmed’s parents reacted to the mishap. “They didn’t know up until now, so hopefully they don’t watch this,” he revealed. “Mommy, Baba, I’m really sorry. It’s Eminem’s fault.”

Let this story be a warning to any couples commissioning a wedding video—always make sure you have a backup copy! (Of course, with today’s modern technology, it’s much harder to make this kind of error.)

This article originally appeared on Martha Stewart Weddings.