Credit: Getty Images/Dimitros Kambouris

As if we didn’t already love Queen RiRi enough, Rihanna just spoke out about the Muslim ban, and we’re beyond proud of her for using her platform to raise awareness of this super important issue. In doing so, she’s joining celebs like Gigi and Bella Hadid, who protested in New York, Lola Kirke, who shared her immigration story, and John Legend, whose emotional speech broke our hearts. Our faves are *not* being quiet about this discriminatory ban, and we’re so, so grateful that Rihanna spoke out about the Muslim ban.

Recently, Rihanna spoke out about the Muslim ban on Twitter, saying she’s heartbroken and angry to see what’s going on in the U.S. She wrote,

Rihanna has continued to be political, especially recently. She even joined the Women’s March, like, yes, lady!

Too, she visited Mchingi, Northern Malawi this month as the Global Ambassador for Education Clara Lionel Foundation (which, BTW she founded; totally casual).

And this past December, she got tested for HIV with Prince Harry to help challenge STI stigma.

When Rihanna speaks, people listen, so we’re so happy that Rihanna spoke out about the Muslim ban. What an amazing lady!