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Updated May 14, 2018 @ 11:18 am
Credit: Gabriel Maseda/NurPhoto via Getty Images

There’s no doubt that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be joined by an array of famous guests at their May 19 wedding. Their royal celebration is all that anyone can talk about, and both the bride and groom have plenty of celebrity connections. There’s one star that’s most definitely not attending the big event, however: Rihanna. Access caught up with the singer recently and asked her if she’d been invited. In typical Rihanna fashion, she responded in the chillest way.

In the clip above, a reporter brings up the royal wedding while interviewing the performer. Rihanna, who’s obviously a busy girl (she just launched a lingerie collection!), doesn’t even know the big day is looming! “So, is that really coming up soon?” the A-lister asks. After finding out that it is, she replies, “Oh, shoot! I need to stay on the internet more.”

From Rihanna’s response, it’s logical to assume that she isn’t going to the wedding. Just to make sure though, the reporter asks. “So, you weren’t invited?” “Why would you think I’m invited?” the singer replies, complete with the funniest face. The interviewer then notes that Rihanna met Prince Harry once, to which the actress gets real fast. “Okay, you met me. You think you’re coming to my wedding?” she poses. Leave it to Rihanna to tell it like it is! The clip ends with Rihanna asking the Access staffer if she’s invited to her wedding. Of course, the reporter says she’ll “get an invite” and Rihanna contemplates accepting the gesture.

Although fans would have loved to see Rihanna as a guest at Meghan and Harry’s wedding, there will be plenty of other famous faces to look out for. Stars like Sir Elton John, Priyanka Chopra, and the Spice Girls are all expected to be in attendance, as is the cast of the bride’s former television show, Suits.

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