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Oh Rihanna. She’s our everything, from our #StyleGoals to our #BaeGoals, and it’s basically undeniable that she’s risen way beyond pop stardom to become an icon in her own right. Despite her absolute fame (and major influence on our day-to-day lives), she’s also just a really good friend.

And we just learned that, apparently, she makes a damn good brunch.

“So babe make breakfast,” the recording squad member says, “for the whole crew. She killed it.”

Um, yes she did. That looks SO delicious, like, OMG.

“Alright babe, you about to slay some French toast for us,”

Complete with french toast, egg whites, bacon, and sweet plantains. Ugh our stomachs!!!

And, of course, mimosas.

Did you really think Queen RiRi would go without? She knows how much we love food.

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We’ll be waiting for our invite next time, Rihanna. ’til then, we’ll be working on our brunch skills.