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Rihanna blew up our Instagram feed, in the best way, to celebrate her niece Majesty’s fourth birthday, and imagine if everyone’s aunts were this awesome. Majesty’s mother is Rihanna’s cousin, Noella Alstrom, so technically Majesty is Rih’s first cousin once removed, but Rihanna refers to her as her niece, and honestly, same. If you don’t have ten random “aunts” and various degrees of relatives that you just call nieces, nephews, and cousins, then are you really family?

Riri, never apology for spamming our feed with adorable photos. Rihanna recently revealed in the June 2018 issue of Vogue that she binge-watches videos of Majesty to de-stress and said she’s just naturally maternal and will be this extra with her own kids one day.

“I’m not gonna be able to take my eyes off my kid. I know that already about myself,” Rihanna told the publication. “They’re going to have to force me to hire a nanny.”

Rihanna claims she missed Majesty’s first birthday, but we actually remember Majesty’s first birthday because Rihanna threw an epic Flintstones-themed party for her. Don’t be weirded out that we kept tabs on Rihanna’s niece’s birthdays — she had her own party hashtag #Majestys1stBirthday that year, and it was epic.

Happy fourth birthday, Majesty, and happy ~Aunt of the Year~ to Ms. Fenty.