Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

By now, you’re fully aware that Rihanna is some kind of magical, otherworldly being sent here to bless us with her incredible music, brilliant sense of style, and motivational words. And while speaking at a benefit at the Parsons School of Design this week, Rihanna definitely brought the inspiration.

Rihanna was being honored at the 69th annual event for her dedication to the school, her philanthropic work, and her influence on fashion. During her acceptance speech, she took a moment to share some inspiring words for the young creatives in the audience (and everywhere else).

Rihanna had this to say:

According to, the singer is a regular advocate for the institution’s work, and frequently wears its students’ designs to high-profile events.

Rihanna continued speaking to the school’s students, saying, “I don’t think you get celebrated enough.”

If that wasn’t inspiration enough, Rihanna also made sure to help Parsons lock down some needed funds. During the Monday night event, which included a live auction to raise money for student scholarships, she donated a package that included two front-row seats at her Fenty x Puma show in September.

And, to make sure the package captured the best price, RiRi asked for the microphone. “Anybody who wants to beat that ($12,000), I’ll even style you for the show,” she announced. This pushed the bids all the way up to $24,000.

We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely feeling a bit more inspired.