Alim Kheraj
February 09, 2017 2:10 am

Is if we needed further proof that she could do absolutely anything, Rihanna has green hair and it is *everything*.

It’s safe to say that Rihanna is one of the most stylish people on the planet. The star recently s-l-a-y-e-d with her latest Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot, which was giving us serious Top Gun vibes. Even when she was out protesting on the Women’s March, RiRi was serving looks for days (and making a statement at the same time). Also, we love that she’s spoken out against some of the atrocities that are currently occurring, and respect that she’s spoken out against the Muslim ban.

Now it seems that Rihanna has got green hair, and she looks INCREDIBLE.

The pics were shared on to Instagram by stylist Farren Fucci, and in them we get to see RiRi not only working some incredible fashion, but we also get to see her serving up forest colored hair realness. We know that Rihanna has a penchant for green, and she totally pulls off this striking and different look.

There’s also a video from the shoot, and Ri is SERVING. We love the striped multi-colored dress she’s wearing, and love how drastic it is matched with the dark green hair.

It seems, however, that Rihanna’s green hair isn’t a permanent change. In fact, the star must have been wearing a wig, as another picture shared by Shannon Sense, who worked on the shoot, showed a pap shot of the singer rocking her normal black hair (and one cosy looking jacket).

Meanwhile, RiRi recently did a #throwback to the release of her last album Anti, in which she opened up how difficult creating the album was.

“I was numb for a while …numb to all the bullshit and numb to all the good shit,” she said. “But I was determined not to settle for what everybody thought this should be, or when they thought it should come, or how! I stuck to it until I felt something again!”

We’ve loved seeing a different side to Rihanna over the last 12 months. Also, we totally know that she can rock any thing she puts her mind to, whether it’s writing a career defining album or green hair. She slays.