Devan McGuinness
February 13, 2017 4:08 pm

Everyone was going crazy for Beyoncé when she appeared on stage at the Grammys looking like a golden goddess personified. Bu just before she hit up the awards show, Beyoncé released a photoshoot with her mom and daughter and it was epic.

The singer, who is currently pregnant with twins, has been sharing gorgeous photos of her pregnancy since she announced the good news. The latest snap she shared right before the Grammys, which features her mom, Tina Lawson, and her 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, is in line with the images she’s already released.

The three generations of queen posed together in an eye-catching yellow outfits proving that they’re all cut from the same cloth to highlight their incredible bond.

Beyoncé is wearing a veil attached to a headpiece and a gold-chain-linked bra, but the real focus is her growing belly. Her mom is posed above her shoulder in a goddess gown with little Blue on the other side wearing a caped frock.

If you didn’t get to see the whole Queen Bee performance of “Love Drought” at the Grammys, you missed out on the message of generations of women coming together. It was a powerful look into the bond Beyoncé has with both her mom and her children and it’s a beautiful message for all of us: “If we’re going to heal, let it be glorious.”