If you’re prone to believing conspiracy theories and also enjoy watching exercise videos, then you probably know the story going around that Richard Simmons is missing and/or being held captive. Honestly, the stories go on and on — and thanks to a podcast called Missing Richard Simmons, the tale has had an even wider reach in recent months.

But thankfully, Richard Simmons is NOT missing, since he publicly addressed the world for the first time in three years. In an exclusive interview with People, Richard addressed the public, saying that he’s alive and that he hasn’t been kidnapped. The statement came after he went to the hospital on Monday for stomach pain.

Richard shared a photo from 2014 along with a statement that says,

In the statement, Richard also advocates for asking for help. He makes a point to say that none of us can face life alone, and that we shouldn’t be afraid to reach out when things become too much for us. Even when Richard’s under the weather, he still makes an effort to empower others.

We’re so glad to know he’s (mostly) healthy and safe. We’re hoping you feel better soon, Richard!