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Credit: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

Sometimes it seems like celebrities get so caught up in their own self-importance that they cannot manage to empathize with the average Joes (and Janes) of America. However, that’s not the case with all celebrities, and luckily we can add Regina King to the list of celebrities we are #OBSESSED with. Regina King is involved with the ‘I Have A Dream’ Foundation, and she is helping the youth of American out with one of the most prohibitive aspects of adolescence in underserved populations: education.

The ‘I Have A Dream’ Foundation provides critical resources for adolescents in order to ensure they reach their academic goals. Having been raised by a mother who is a teacher, education is second nature for King. But she realizes that is not the reality for everyone. King told Entertainment Tonight,”Being an L.A. girl and knowing how hard it is, especially for kids in public schools to make it to college, they are doing all that they can to help kids that are not as privileged get through high school and go on to college.”

ET orchestrated the Moet & Chandon for Toast for a Cause event alongside Moet, where they donated donated $1,000 to stars’ charity of choice. That’s some serious dough for children in need! Regina King toasted the Foundation at the event, and representatives of the event were proud to acknowledge her support.

Donna Lawrence, President and CEO of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation, said:

Debra Fine, who is the CEO and Executive Direction of the Foundation’s L.A. headquarters (AKA Regina’s old stomping grounds), was grateful for Regina King’s support as well. She added, “During a time where many children are in fear about their future, we are helping to stabilize the families in our communities through education, mental health and social work mentoring, tutoring, and an $8000 scholarship for each student that graduates from high school.”

You go, girl. There’s nothing like a woman on a mission.