While we’ve all had lessons on what type we should avoid when it comes to romantic pursuit, Reese Witherspoon just outed the type of guy that she believes would never make a good long term partner. And really, she’s got us thinking.

Witherspoon knows a little something about love. She was married to fellow actor Ryan Phillippe for eight years (and had two incredible kids) and has been happily married to Jim Toth since 2011 (and had another adorable kid.) Even though her relationships have been pretty out in the open based on being in the spotlight, we have a feeling that she’s had some dating experience that we don’t even know about.

We couldn’t agree more — and just like Witherspoon, we’re pretty surprised by that study.

In her Glamour piece, she also opened up about how men and women are still being treated differently on set.

In her eyes, if a man makes a film that bombs, he’s given another chance. But for women, it’s a lot harder to recover. We can’t believe this is still happening, but we have a feeling that the overall attitude will change soon — and hopefully, the effort will be spearheaded by ambitious, powerful women.