The internet loves a celebrity doppelgänger, but the internet loves a professional celebrity doppelgänger even more. We’re talking about celebrity body doubles, like Emilia Clarke’s uncanny Game of Thrones twin and Zac Efron’s dreamy double. Body doubles, unlike stunt doubles, are the people who stand-in for a celebrity during lighting and camera set-ups, and they often look a lot like the famous person they’re emulating because they might have to step in for a small on-camera stunt or a reverse angle shot. Reese Witherspoon just introduced us to her longtime body double Marilee Lessley, and we’re not convinced that these two aren’t long lost sisters.

In a now-expired Instagram Story, Witherspoon said that she and Lessley met on the set of Legally Blonde 2 and started working together on the 2005 film Just Like Heaven. Now, 13 years later, they are still twinning on Big Little Lies.

Back in 2015, Lessley shared a photo from their first job together, and in a 2016 Instagram post, she opened up about how she had just lost her brother and was going through a divorce and relied on Witherspoon for emotional support.

Cheers to these lovely ladies and here’s to what we hope is a long career of professional twinning.