Credit: Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

After it was confirmed that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris ended their relationship, we couldn’t believe the news that her BFF Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik had a conscious uncoupling, too. The breakup seems to have been just a rumor, according to a recent interview Gigi did with

After answering some fun Q&A’s, such as what she likes to cook (tomato soup and grilled cheese dippers) and what the last thing she googled was (The John Mayer song “Free Falling”), Gigi dropped one very interesting tidbit. Elle asked Gigi whether or not she would choose going out or staying in. “Night in. Cook. Paint. Play with my dog. Hang out with my boyfriend. Watch movies. Just chill,” Gigi answered.

Hang out with my boyfriend. Now, unless Gigi has already moved on from her seven-month romance with the former One Directioner, she might just be talking about Zayn!

Let’s hope so and we get more of this:

And this:

And also this:

More of this cuteness, PLZ:


Maybe even a follow up to their “Pillowtalk” video:

Let’s be real — our hearts can’t take any more of our favorite celebs breaking up!