Rebel Wilson
Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage

On The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Rebel Wilson surprised Pitch Perfect fans when she recreated her audition for the movie! While promoting Pitch Perfect 3, Rebel belted out her rendition of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” for the audience. And of course it was complete with body percussion!

But you know Rebel had to add a funny spin for the performance. She stood up and introduced herself to Norton as if he were the casting director. “I’m Rebel. I’m 5’4, still single. Here’s my song.” It’s no surprise that she was able to bring the house down. Talk about a treat for the audience. Can we say jealous?

She also told Norton that she was the first person cast in the original Pitch Perfect, and she was super nervous to sing in the audition. Totally understandable! But she told herself to “just crush it,” and of course she did. No one knew that the movies would be such a big hit, but Wilson is loving every moment of it.

“We can’t believe how successful it’s become,” Rebel said. “It’s so cool because we’re all friends in the cast, and we want to work together again. It’d suck if they were all bitches. I’d be like, ‘Ah, another movie.'” It’s really cool to see the Pitch Perfect ladies get along, it definitely shows on screen.

Now check out Rebel Wilson crushing her audition song once again!

We can’t wait for Pitch Perfect 3 to hit theaters so we can see Rebel Wilson and the gang rock all new songs. Is it December 22nd yet?