Dasha Fayvinova
Updated November 27, 2016
Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

While this year has been a total suckfest in terms of celebrity deaths, it’s also given us some great births. A Real Housewives star just gave birth and she’s getting real about what labor’s really like.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds is sharing pictures of her new baby girl along with some insight on how it all went down. Because let’s get real. Movies do not tell us anything. We have to research on our own time.

So, Meghan just gave birth to Aspen King Edmonds. The baby girl came into the world on Thanksgiving day, and Aspen’s birth weight was 6lbs 11oz.

Clearly, Meghan and her husband thought of an amazing name for their first child together. Their baby daughter joins Jim’s four kids from a previous marriage.

What Labor’s Really Like

Meghan’s message along with the birth photo is also pretty epic.

She went into the details of what exactly happened during the birth. Meghan held nothing back from her fans.

22 hours????? That sounds exhausting, and we’re glad that Meghan is being open about what labor can be like.

She added:

While others shy away from giving up intimate information, Meghan even shares that she didn’t suffer from vaginal tearing. Her natural birth has her feeling like a real life warrior.

This is just the start to Aspen’s life in the spotlight. Hopefully, Meghan continues to share real moments of child-raising with us.