Rachel Bloom
Credit: Araya Diaz/WireImage

Ever since we read her article about pooping in the potty, we knew Rachel Bloom was an incredible essayist. Her tale about growing up, accepting change, and facing her diaper-ditching fears was riveting — and for a story about a four-year-old using a toilet, that’s saying something. And of course, Bloom’s writing for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is out of this world amazing.

So when we heard Rachel Bloom was writing a book, we freaked.

The news was broken by Entertainment Weekly who had the online scoop. According to, Bloom is working on “hilarious, irreverent, and deeply relatable personal essays, fictional stories, poems, opinions, and more” with Grand Central Publishing.

And Rachel warns there’s a lot in store.

She also teased some of the juicy details about her life that may or may not make it into print.

The book will be coming out Spring 2019, and Bloom confirmed the news on her Instagram.

We don’t know that we can wait that long. Two years? It feels like a lifetime.

We can only hope that, in every free minute she has, Rachel is working away on her computer just like this.

Until then, we’ll just have to spend all our time binging Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.