Credit: Todd Williamson/Getty Images for InStyle

Have you, like us, been spending all week wondering what Rachel Bloom is doing for Thanksgiving?

We imagine her Tday as a 24-hour musical number: people tossing Turkeys in the air, doing choreographed numbers with meat thermometers and turkey basters, the works. Then Grocery Store Clerk with Half an Eyelid would place an apple pie on a windowsill and wink at the camera, for sure.

But, more importantly than what she does, WHAT WOULD RACHEL BLOOM WEAR?

We envisioned maybe a giant, over-the-top ’60s housewifey dress with an apron. And definitely some sort of wig. Or maybe just her own hair coiffed beehive-high. After all, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend loves a good costume.

We knew whatever Rachel Bloom chose,it’d be AMAZING. And we weren’t wrong.

She turned up on Instagram in a Cleopatra-style necklace, long, platinum bob wig, fishnets, and a leotard with Turkey Breasts. 😂

Because, of course she did.

What she’s gonna be doing in that get-up, we can only imagine. A tap dance, maybe. A Thanksgiving-themed version of Chorus Line, probably. Or just pharaoh-ing over West Covina, definitely.

Meanwhile, Grocery Store Clerk with Half an Eyelid has more important things on his mind.

With this mess that is 2016, the only appropriate thing to do this Thanksgiving is dance. So grab your turkey leotard, throw on a wig, and we’ll see you in the kitchen.