Angelica Florio
Updated May 18, 2020

Rachel Bloom has done it again. The actress who created and stars in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend officially won at life this weekend by building a ball pit in her basement. Yes, really. And we need an invitation ASAP. Bloom has done a lot of things in the past that have made us ask, Can you please be our best friend? But this home ball pit is seriously next-level.

Sure, Rachel Bloom made awesome NSFW Hanukkah hats, and she may have written a musical using Sugar Ray songs. Those things, of course, won over the masses. But now, with her basement ball pit, she not only has our hearts but also our souls and minds and maybe even our spirits. Really, just take anything you want from us, Rachel, because you deserve it.

On Saturday, December 16th, Bloom tweeted the announcement of her home’s new McDonald’s Play Place-inspired addition. “Well, we did it. We put a ball pit in our house,” she wrote, as if installing a home ball pit was a casual Saturday night activity. On second thought, it might be a casual Saturday night activity for Bloom, because that’s just how amazing she is. If you’ve ever seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, you require no convincing that Rachel Bloom is a genius.

For everyone else, here is definitive proof that Rachel Bloom should get a MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant.

Not that she needs an award for it to be official, though.

Yep, you are seeing that right. Rachel Bloom built an in-home ball pit.

Sadly, she didn’t tweet her home address along with the photo, but maybe that’s for the best.

Aww, you deserve all of your dreams to come true, Ms. Bloom.

Bloom called the ball pit “a permanent art installation/whimsy factory.” And that’s pretty darn cool.

Want to make your own incredibly cool at-home ball pit? Bloom shared step-by-step directions on Instagram, so you too can be incredibly awesome.

She also explained that her home’s strange design allowed her such creative freedoms.

High-five, Rachel Bloom. Let us know when we can come over and play!