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October 24, 2017 5:00 pm
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth’s belongings are many and varied, including a fleet of swans, a bevy of jewels, and acres of land around the world.

It seems that the queen of England is also in possession of something a bit more low-brow: a McDonald’s franchise outside of London.

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The Crown Estate owns a McDonald’s in Banbury Gateway Shopping Park, about 80 miles outside of London, Business Insider reports.

While the restaurant is not her personal property but rather that of the Crown Estate, all profit goes to the Treasury, according to The Independent.

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Visitors to the franchise are unlikely to see the queen herself there, however, as the monarch reportedly prefers eating cereal and snacks out of Tupperware containers at home.

Princess Diana was known, however, to take a young Prince William and Prince Harry on the occasional McDonald’s trip. So maybe we’ll see Prince George and Princess Charlotte stop by for a Happy Meal one day.