Meaghan Kirby
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 1:59 pm
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It’s hard to believe that Taylor Lautner has been in the public eye for the last twelve years. We’ve known him as Sharkboy, Jacob Black, Nathan Harper, and most recently, Dr. Cassidy Cascade. What we apparently didn’t know is how to correctly pronounce his last name. For years now, we’ve lovingly known the actor as Taylor LOT-ner, but apparently, that is not the correct pronunciation of his name and the real pronunciation has been right in front of us this whole time.

In 2011, Lautner was on the cover of Seventeen magazine, which also featured a behind-the-scenes look at the actor’s cover shoot. Since this video has recently resurfaced along with the name pronunciation controversy, we’ve learned a lot. Upon introducing himself, we heard that Taylor actually pronounces his last name as LOUT-ner.

Check out the video below:

We know that many fans may ~already~ know how Lautner pronounces his last name, but for some reason, it still surprises us. Lautner has been in the public eye for so long, we generally assume we know everything there is to know about him. So it’s extra surprising when we discover we’ve been pronouncing his last name wrong for so long.


For those of you as shocked as we are, we did some digging and it seems that Lautner may pronounce his name as LOUT-ner, but the rest of Hollywood is on board with Taylor LOTT-ner. We scoured clips of Lautner being interviewed by the likes of Good Morning America, Ellen DeGeneres, and David Letterman, and each mispronounces his last name but he never corrects them.

All this research begs the question: cCn the last name Lautner be pronounced multiple ways and still be correct? Our alternative theory is that Taylor LOT-ner is simply a stage name, but he prefers to go by Taylor LOUT-ner in his personal life. (Is that weird??)

Taylor, throw us a bone and give us some answers!