Olivia Harvey
Updated Nov 27, 2019 @ 11:55 am

Imagine: You’re Nick Jonas and you are awakened one morning to sound of your wife Priyanka Chopra saying, “Who’s this?” Then, four furry paws and a cold, wet nose poke you to get up. You’ve been surprised with Gino, your brand new German Shepherd puppy. No, we can’t imagine it either. It’s too good to be true.

priyanka chopra and nick jonas
Credit: Craig Barritt / Stringer, Getty Images

But that’s exactly what happened to Nick Jonas earlier this week. Chopra brought home a brand new fur baby who has already stolen our hearts, as well as his parents’. Gino is supposedly an early first anniversary gift, and we can firmly say that Chopra has outright won the game of gift giving.

We haven’t been able to stop smiling either.

And, obviously, Gino already has his own Instagram page (with more than 215,000 followers).

“I’m here. I’m home,” his first caption reads. He posted another with, “My first selfie. Woof woof!” We’re dead on the floor.

“Back with my boys.. 😍welcome home @ginothegerman,” Chopra captioned her first pic of Gino with his dad, assuring her own pup that she still comes first: “we still love you mostest @diariesofdiana.” Our favorite family just got even better.

It seems that the two doggo siblings are getting along just fine. Well, kind of. Diana just has to make sure Gino knows who’s boss.

We are SO excited to have yet another dog account to follow. Gino Chopra-Jonas is our new furry idol, and we cannot wait to see the adventures he and his parents are going to embark on. Uh, sorry…we’ll see ourselves out.