Amanda Malamut
April 02, 2017 11:02 am

Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson’s oldest son, got a new tattoo to pay tribute to his dad. And it is definitely a Michael Jackson we know and recognize. He used an illustration of a dancing Michael with his legs crossed and arms raised to the sky.

He wears a black suit with a red shirt, black suspenders, black shoes, white socks, arm band, matching fedora.

You know, classic Michael Jackson.

There also appears to be pixie dust at the bottom of his feet. Possibly symbolizing Michael’s love of the film Peter Pan. The tattoo is on his right calf. And, according to his caption, it took 9 hours to finish.

That is a serious commitment, but we wouldn’t expect anything less with a touching tribute.

The tattoo covers an impressive amount of space. And it looks incredibly intricate. You see famous entertainer in full action, with his signature style and iconic sparkling glove in tact. It definitely pays tribute to the Michael Jackson so many people admired.

This isn’t the first tattoo Prince has gotten.

And he also sports a yin and yang matching symbol with his sister, Paris.

In fact, Paris opened up about how tattoos help her in her life.

Tattoos can be a powerful way of paying tribute to someone we’ve lost. Between this tattoo and the charity work that Prince is involved with, he continues to honor his dad in amazing ways. Michael would definitely be proud!