Kenya Foy
March 15, 2017 6:13 am

Since there’s the belief that we all have a twin out there somewhere, a schoolgirl recently swore she’d found a match when she mistook Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran. We won’t give her too much grief because we kinda sorta (not really) see how she managed to get the charming, redheaded Brits mixed up. Either way, that doesn’t matter because Harry’s hilarious response to the Sheeran confusion has us half-swooning, half-dying.

But before we take our final lovesick breath, here’s why we’re adding this identity mix-up to the list of reasons why Prince Harry is a fairy tale Prince Charming IRL.

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As People reports, a group of students from Francis Holland School were invited to meet the 32-year-old royal heartthrob on Monday in Westminster Abbey after a Commonwealth Day service. As he stopped to greet them, he heard them discussing his resemblance to the “Shape of You” singer, but 12-year-old Tiya Thornton decided to get to the bottom of things for herself.

“Are you the real Prince Harry?” Thornton asked him, to which he replied, “Yes. The other one is Ed Sheeran.”

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GAH, Prince Harry…why are you like this?! Our girl (and yours) Meghan Markle is a lucky one, indeed.

Anyway, this case of mistaken identity isn’t as quirky as it sounds. We can’t forget the time Margot Robbie thought Prince Harry was Ed Sheeran, although that happened at a boozy Christmas bash, which provides the perfect atmosphere for this type of confusion.

Still, with the rise in Prince Harry-Ed Sheeran mixups, we’re thinking the singer may need to enlist the help of a genealogist to take a formal look into this possible royal connection.