Emily Baines
August 27, 2016 9:03 am
Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Our favorite royal conservationist Prince Harry is universally known to be a kind, thoughtful human being. So we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s gone and rescued over 200 elephants this past week. (After all, he’s already rescued some rhinoceros and championed lions.)

Prince Harry recently helped move 262 elephants to safety as he worked on a key mission to support populations in Africa!

That’s right. He’s saving all sorts of endangered animals. Could he be more of a hero?

Patricio Ndadzela, country director for the nonprofit conservation body African Parks in Malawi, told People:

“He is amazing and down to earth. He is very social but a respectable gentleman. We ate together at the camp and we camped in the same grounds – this is unique for someone of his status.”

And he’s not even afraid of the wild natural life that would scare the rest of us:

“He was very at home, nothing bothered him,” Ndadzela bragged. “We were close to a river and there were thousands of crocodiles and he was not scared!”

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Harry has spent time in the southern African country working with the 500 Elephants initiative, which aims to help reduce habitat pressures, ease human-wildlife conflict, and boost elephant populations in places where poaching is rampant.