While it seems like he’s far too young for it, time has flown — and Prince George is attending school. The adorable 4-year-old started at Thomas’s Battersea last week, and while he seemed a little nervous in the photos posted on Instagram, we have a feeling he’ll love the experience. Why? Well, in large part because his school lunches aren’t squares of pizza and chocolate milk (which will always have a place in our heart, by the way). Instead, his version of school lunch is pretty much our definition of “fine dining.”

Fans of the royal family saw that Thomas’s Battersea posted a sample mock-up menu of what their lunches are like on their website, and let’s just say…now we’re feeling hungry.

One important thing to notice is that the food is seasonal.

One of the sample menus is from November 2015, and it includes items like Mediterranean 50/50 couscous and quinoa, and free range chicken minced chili con carne.

They also offer a fresh soup of the day, because — if you can’t tell by now — they’re amazing. In fact, we’re guessing that Prince George turned that hesitant face into a wide grin after lunchtime came around.

The school also provides dietary flexibility with a variety of different menus. For example, they cater to children with allergies (which is super important to do) and also offer vegetarian selections. And for the vegetarians out there, just know that it’s not a daily portobello mushroom or a bowl of bland pasta — one of the choices is a freshly prepared three bean ratatouille, which is an inspired selection.

Sure, we expected Prince George’s lunches to be better than average based on the fact that he’s royalty, but this? This is better than anything we could have imagined.