Credit: Pool/Getty Images

Since Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office last fall he’s become quite the well-liked politician. However, we’ve discovered someone who’s not all that impressed with him and has no shame in letting the world know it. Then again, just because Prince George refused to high-five Trudeau during the pair’s Canadian Royal Tour meeting doesn’t mean there’s any bad blood brewing.

In a video posted on The Royal Family Channel, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte and Prince George can be seen exiting the plane. Trudeau then kneels down to the tot’s eye level to get better acquainted with him. However, it doesn’t take long for the prime minister to see that sharing a special bro moment with the three-year-old simply wasn’t meant to be.

In true toddler fashion, George didn’t just diss Trudeau once — it happened three times and we’re half-cringing, half-laughing.

With a dad who is big on prioritizing kids’ mental health, we’re not surprised to see that George is already comfortable with asserting his boundaries. Honestly, how can you be mad at him? He’s a three-year-old fresh off a long flight who clearly couldn’t care less about how amazing Trudeau is at yoga.

In the end, we all know toddlers have the ability to make you feel like the small one with their masterful shade-throwing, so George totally gets a pass here.