Karen Belz
September 25, 2017 7:40 am

Talk about total #siblinggoals. Prince and Paris Jackson attended a wedding this weekend and made sure to share a wonderful shot with their fans. The wedding was for Siggy Jackson, who’s the son of their uncle, Jackie Jackson. And since it was a Jackson family celebration, of course it was bound to be lovely.

In one of the photos that Prince posted on Instagram, he’s wearing a tuxedo that matches Paris’s black ensemble. Since they’re both holding gorgeous bouquets, and based on Prince’s caption, it’s pretty clear that the brother and sister duo were part of the wedding party — and we’re sure that would have made their dad extremely proud.

Siggy posted the same photo to his own account with a heartfelt caption that shows the power of family.

And as expected, Siggy posted a few other photos of the big event as well.

We can tell these two newlyweds are truly in love.

Aside from being able to share the wedding memories together, both Paris and Prince seemed to have a bit of fun this weekend during their reunion. Prince posted a photo of the two of them that makes it clear they’re “ride or die” siblings.

It’s just so great to see that these two have a bond that only gets stronger and stronger.