Rachel Charlene Lewis
July 28, 2016 12:46 pm

In a recent interview, actress and director Troian Bellisario talked the upcoming election, and where she imagines the girls of Pretty Little Liars would stand in this super intense political climate. Best known for playing PLL fave Spencer Hastings, Bellisario was totally chill, and also *beyond* wise, as she shared her thoughts.

When asked where she personally stands on the presidential candidates, Bellisario told Cosmopolitan, “I mean, I was definitely a very big Bernie supporter.” She elaborated, saying, “I was somebody who really thought that it was always going to be Hillary, so when the time came for me to be with her, it wasn’t a difficult switch for me. I felt like they were both very wonderful candidates.”

However, Bellisario knows not everyone had an easy time switching camps. “I know it’s very difficult for a lot of my friends, and a lot of my friends feel angry and disillusioned right now. I’m considering it my mission to try to unify the party within my friends group, to try to say, ‘I understand that you’re pissed off, I understand that you felt like you had a candidate who represented you and now you’re not sure if you can jump on board with Hillary,’ but I’m doing my best to help win them over to support her, because I think it’s really important that we all move forward as a party.”

When asked about the Bernie or Bust movement, Bellisario said, “I feel really frightened. I understand that what a lot of people saw in Bernie was somebody who was an outsider, and so maybe it’s easier for them to change their vote over to Trump, who is an outsider of the political system — but I see that as a dangerous thing.”

She continued, saying, “I happen to think that if you were following Bernie and now you’re gonna go over to Trump, I don’t know what your politics are. I don’t really follow that line of logic.”

In terms of where the girls of PLL would stand, the actress said, “I feel like Spencer would definitely be Hillary all the way. But I feel like she and Aria would get into a lot of arguments because I feel like Aria would be so Bernie Sanders. Maybe Emily too.”

But, of course, things would end in friendship. “They would butt heads and then eventually they would all just go to the polls together.”

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I mean, you can’t argue with that last bit.