Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images

Attention: Pretty Little Liars fans, you could’ve met two of the stars yesterday, and all you had to do was want to vote!

PLL actor, Ian Harding gave students rides to the polls yesterday and we are really jealous that we are no longer in college. Seriously, why couldn’t we have been a college student without a car yesterday? Why?

The 30-year-old actor, who plays hottie, Ezra Fitz on the Freeform series, did his part to support the presidential election, by actually chauffeuring students to the polls alongside his PLL co-star, Huw Collins aka Dr. Elliot Rollins, on Tuesday.

Yes, we know your schoolgirl self is freaking out over this news, as are we, and yes, we are still a little upset we weren’t in New England yesterday to have these two hunks drive us to vote.

The two actors only stopped their shuttle service for a quick lunch break and then got back to work.

Harding retweeted Collins posts in order to get the word out that they were at the service of any students unable to get themselves to the polls, and as you’d imagine students who actually got to meet the two PLL men were so excited.

Wouldn’t you take a secret photo of these guys driving you to the polls?

Next election we are definitley going to have to get in on this new celebrity driving you to the polls service. Maybe we can get all the Pretty Little Liars guys to get on board next election… maybe.