Natalia Lusinski
March 04, 2017 2:53 pm
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The People's Choice Awards

Yes, the news is true — this Pretty Little Liars actor just welcomed a baby, reported People, and we’re so happy for him. The actor? Nicholas Gonzalez. He and his wife, Kelsey, just had a baby girl, Ever Lee Wilde Gonzalez, on March 1st in Los Angeles. On Facebook, Nicholas said it was the “best day of our life.” We bet!

Let’s see this baby already, right?!

Awwwwww.  And don’t you love the Kahlil Gibran quote, too?! Nice touch!

A few months ago, Nicholas even posted this on IG, so you can compare and contrast with the above pic.

Fun-ny! Any thoughts?!

Overall, Nicholas seemed excited about having the baby.

And Nicholas and Kelsey seem ~super happy~ together.

Okay, is anyone else having #relationshipgoals rn, or is it just us?! ICYMI, the couple got married in April of 2016, and they seem like the perfect couple.

As far as their new baby goes, we doubt she’ll slow Nicholas and Kelsey down.

He continues to act, of course, and has been in everything from the aforementioned PLL to How to Get Away with Murder. He’ll be in the third season of Narcos, too. Kelsey works as a producer and actress, starring in shows such as PLL and Scandal. In addition, she owns, a staffing agency.

We congratulate the couple on their new baby and hope they don’t have too many of those sleepless nights Nicholas mentioned!